Password Protected Augmented QR (AQR) Codes

We’re happy to announce password protected Augmented QR (AQR) Codes. Now you can rest easy knowing that only the people you want to view the contents of your AQR Code can do so.

Adding a password to your AQR Code is easy. You can create a code with a password, or modify an existing code to add a password at any time.


Create Password Protected QR Code.
Create Password Protected AQR Code.


When anyone scans your AQR Code, they must be authorized by you to view the contents. Each scan will be presented with the following form to input the correct password provided by you to your customers. This enables you to restrict content to specific groups of customers.

Password Required to View Contents of an AQR Code.
Password Required to View Contents of an AQR Code.

Your existing AQR Codes will continue to function as before. Adding a password can happen at anytime; either when create a new AQR Code or by modifying an existing AQR Code. No need to worry if you have printed media, your AQR Codes can be modified at anytime!

As always, feel free to drop us a line with suggestions or comments at:


Targeted Content AQR Codes are Here

We’re proud to announce a highly requested feature to our Augmented QR (AQR) Code System. You can now link to different content based on device type!


Set device specific url's for AQR Codes.
Set device specific url’s for AQR Codes.


What this means is that you can link to a different URL based on what device your customers have.

When a customer scans a code with an Android Device you can send them to the Google Play Store (or anywhere else for that matter.)

When someone scans with an iOS based device you can direct them to the Apple App Store.

There is also a default URL for all other device types (computer/web browser, blackberry, etc.)

Test them out and feel free to let us know what you think. We’re always looking for better ways to help you reach your customers. As always you can contact us by emailing