Quickly and Easily Collect Credit Card Payments via QR Codes

Our goal at QR Ready has always been to make QR Codes extremely Powerful and Configurable.

Setup Payment QR Code

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a great feature that will make payment collection a breeze! The payment amount can be configured at the time the QR Code is created or, when configured, an arbitrary amount can be added at scan time.

Users can easily checkout securely by scanning their Credit Card on the payment form. The payment form will be branded for your Organization using your chosen colors and chosen Brand Logo image!

All credit card information  is transacted over a secure connection so rest assured; credit card information will remain secret!

QR CodesPayments are perfect for selling your products at shows/markets or for taking donations for a worthy cause or fundraisers!

Payment QR Codes can be configured and relied upon to collect money and deposit it directly into your Stripe account without having to build a custom form or payment processing page for each item you wish to sell.

As with all of our QR Codes, you can easily change an existing QR Code from a URL, or Content type to a Payment type by editing the QR Code within your admin console.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to hearing from you all!



Powered by Stripe!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added Stripe integrations into our QR Codes for Professional Account Subscriptions.

Stripe API Key setup

On your Account Settings page, you can setup your Stripe API Key in the Payment Processing Section. You can also see the Stripe API Version being used. We will do our best to support the latest Stripe API. You can use your Test or Production API key to validate before making things live.

Once you save the information we will make an API call using your key to validate that your account is valid. The email address provided will be the Reply To email address for all email receipts sent to your customers. This way you can handle all of your transaction questions personally.

Each payment will generate its own Transaction ID that will be visible in your Stripe Dashboard.

Sample Payment Receipt Email

Payments are processed using your Stripe Account, QR Ready will not handle any of your actual transactions directly; we simply facilitate the transaction on your behalf via Stripe. You can safely manage everything related to billing through your Stripe Dashboard as you would normally.

Transactions are relayed over a secure connection to Stripe to ensure your security, and safety.

We hope you enjoy the Stripe integration.

In our next post we’ll outline how to create a QR Code that can collect payments from your Customers. Stay tuned!


Sneak Peak and QR Ready Update

We’re happy to announce that a lot of features and updates have made their way to our production environment! We will be covering them in detail in the next several blog posts.

Heres a sneak peak; Stripe Integrations, customizable QR Payment Forms, higher QR image quality, multiple QR image download types, branding enhancements, and a ton of UI/UX updates!

As our tools evolve to meet our customers’ needs, our older blog posts do not fully represent the full capabilities of QRReady.com. We plan to do more in depth blog posts outlining features that have changed over time as well as several howto’s to showcase our QR Code tools and features.

Thank you to all of our current customers. You are what allows us to keep creating great features to unleash the full potential of QR Codes!

QR Code Designer Updates

We’re happy to announce new updates to our QR Code Designer tool!

In addition to choosing foreground, and background colors you can now set the background color to transparent. This allows the QR Code image to be placed on an existing photo and use that as the background color.

You can also choose the error correction level for your QR Code. Each level has its benefits so use the best one for you. Below is a breakdown of each error correction level, the higher the error correction level the more complex the QR Code will appear:

  • Low – 7% error correction level
  • Medium – 15% error correction level
  • Best – 25% error correction level
  • High – 30% error correction level


Low Error Correction


High Error Correction


We’re also introducing our QR Code Styles. You have several choices for how the QR Code will appear when rendered. There are currently 4 styles to choose from; Default, Outlined, Rounded, Disconnect.


Please let us know what you think of the updates, or if you have any questions in the comments!