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We’re happy to announce that we’ve added Stripe integrations into our QR Codes for Professional Account Subscriptions.

Stripe API Key setup

On your Account Settings page, you can setup your Stripe API Key in the Payment Processing Section. You can also see the Stripe API Version being used. We will do our best to support the latest Stripe API. You can use your Test or Production API key to validate before making things live.

Once you save the information we will make an API call using your key to validate that your account is valid. The email address provided will be the Reply To email address for all email receipts sent to your customers. This way you can handle all of your transaction questions personally.

Each payment will generate its own Transaction ID that will be visible in your Stripe Dashboard.

Sample Payment Receipt Email

Payments are processed using your Stripe Account, QR Ready will not handle any of your actual transactions directly; we simply facilitate the transaction on your behalf via Stripe. You can safely manage everything related to billing through your Stripe Dashboard as you would normally.

Transactions are relayed over a secure connection to Stripe to ensure your security, and safety.

We hope you enjoy the Stripe integration.

In our next post we’ll outline how to create a QR Code that can collect payments from your Customers. Stay tuned!


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