Quickly and Easily Collect Credit Card Payments via QR Codes

Our goal at QR Ready has always been to make QR Codes extremely Powerful and Configurable.

Setup Payment QR Code

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a great feature that will make payment collection a breeze! The payment amount can be configured at the time the QR Code is created or, when configured, an arbitrary amount can be added at scan time.

Users can easily checkout securely by scanning their Credit Card on the payment form. The payment form will be branded for your Organization using your chosen colors and chosen Brand Logo image!

All credit card information  is transacted over a secure connection so rest assured; credit card information will remain secret!

QR CodesPayments are perfect for selling your products at shows/markets or for taking donations for a worthy cause or fundraisers!

Payment QR Codes can be configured and relied upon to collect money and deposit it directly into your Stripe account without having to build a custom form or payment processing page for each item you wish to sell.

As with all of our QR Codes, you can easily change an existing QR Code from a URL, or Content type to a Payment type by editing the QR Code within your admin console.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to hearing from you all!



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