QR Code Designer Updates

We’re happy to announce new updates to our QR Code Designer tool!

In addition to choosing foreground, and background colors you can now set the background color to transparent. This allows the QR Code image to be placed on an existing photo and use that as the background color.

You can also choose the error correction level for your QR Code. Each level has its benefits so use the best one for you. Below is a breakdown of each error correction level, the higher the error correction level the more complex the QR Code will appear:

  • Low – 7% error correction level
  • Medium – 15% error correction level
  • Best – 25% error correction level
  • High – 30% error correction level


Low Error Correction


High Error Correction


We’re also introducing our QR Code Styles. You have several choices for how the QR Code will appear when rendered. There are currently 4 styles to choose from; Default, Outlined, Rounded, Disconnect.


Please let us know what you think of the updates, or if you have any questions in the comments!

Updated Scan Statistics with Charts

We’re happy to announce updated Scan Statistics with Charts view. The new stats will appear in your dashboard under the “Statistic” section of the side bar.

View Scan Statistics
View Scan Statistics


All Time Statistics
All Time Statistics

You can view All Time, Daily, and Location specific Statistics for any QR Code. Drilling down at every step you will be able to view more granular Statistics.


Scan Statistics are broken down by QR Code in this view:

 Scan Statistics by QR Code
Scan Statistics by QR Code


Click the “Location Stats” link lets you view the following:

Location Scan Statistics
Location Scan Statistics

Location Statistics will display for every location that a QR Code is scanned in. The stats will be broken down by device/platform type with the top 4 platforms represented. iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc), Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry Statistics are broken down into their totals as well as an overall total for each day/location.


The stats will give you plenty of insight as to where your QR Codes are being scanned from, allowing for better Business Intelligence data to be analyzed.

Thank You,

QR Ready Team

Themes are here!

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve listened. You can now change your theme and have it saved for you in your preferences.


To change your default theme:

  1. Login at https://qrready.com
  2. Click the “Settings” button
  3. Choose “Theme Settings”
  4. Click any of the theme buttons to preview it
  5. Click “Save Theme” if you’d like to view that theme from now on


Manage Theme Preview
Manage Theme

Test it out, and as always you can let us know if you have any questions or comments by contacting us directly at help@qrready.com or leaving us a comment below.